“When we as MT got stuck in our own traps, you did not prescribe what to do, but you were able to clear the field, create thinking space for us, so we could make our own choices, what direction to go next. That is far more inspiring than a pre-fab solution.”

Harm-Jan Eleveld

We work with executives who want to inspire high performance by working from a strength-based perspective, as well as those in transition. We coach both individuals, as well as teams, helping them apply appreciative practices on a daily basis.

One-on-One Coaching
Whether you’re in a new role, or leading your organization through significant transformation, our one-on-one coaching provides an important base of strength from which to lead. Your personal coaching plan is organized to meet your needs. We’ve worked with high-level leaders in business, government, health care, education and, religion – both one-on-one, and as part of larger consulting engagements. Regardless of your purpose or industry, we use our experience to work for your advantage.

Team Coaching
Where one-on-one coaching focuses on leading as an individual with strength, team coaching focuses on challenges you face as a group. We have worked with teams to best utilize their different skills and strengths, to lead as one, to guide them to overcome seemingly impossible deadlocks, increase team effectiveness and to help them “hit the ground running” with project startups.

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