“With guidance from Corporation for Positive Change, we harnessed the energy and collective wisdom of a significant cross-section of our staff, to implement crucial changes in our career development and related HR programs. The Appreciative Inquiry process shaved months off a typical schedule for such a large, organization-wide change. It delivered a clear message that we value employees’ thoughts, perspectives, aspirations, and feelings.”

Janet Godwin
Chief of Staff & Chief Accountability Officer, ACT

We are masterful consultants, with a long and successful track record in strength-based organization and community transformation. Where others see complexity, we see opportunity. When faced with dynamic human and organizational challenges, we design and facilitate high-engagement change processes that produce powerful and productive partnerships, stimulate innovation, and get results.

Organizational Change

Experience proves that inclusive, strength-based cultures deliver positive, lasting results in today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing global environment. There, stakeholders work together to innovate, adapt and even get ahead of change.

We help our clients embrace and exploit opportunities brought about by change, unleash the power within, and actively create the future they want. Our Appreciative Inquiry-based team building and large-scale processes (Appreciative Inquiry Summits) accelerate organizational change by breaking down silos, increasing engagement, promoting cross-silo partnership, and fostering a free exchange of information, knowledge and best practices across the value chain.

Strategic Planning

Success in the rapidly changing marketplace depends largely on organizational flexibility and agility. Our strategic planning processes build these capacities, unleashing radically new possibilities for the future.

By bringing people together across departments and disciplines, we facilitate knowledge-sharing and big-picture thinking. Stakeholders across the value-chain envision and plan together in a manner that fosters creativity and commitment and forges the relationships that are needed for rapid implementation. Whatever your sector or industry, Corporation for Positive Change’s strategic planning processes get results.

Community Engagement

Many of today’s most pressing issues require innovative cross-sector partnership and active community engagement. We help organizations and communities reach out to and involve people in decisions that affect them.

Our highly inclusive, relationally-based practices have forged positive cross-racial, cross-generational partnerships that have transformed organizations, cities and counties across North America. Through a combination of one-on-one interviews, grassroots conversations and whole-system gatherings, our corporate and government clients have launched innovative new products, enhanced aging and educational services, developed local transportation plans and a downtown urban marketplace, and exchanged financial best practices using our innovative approaches in the face of budget challenges.

Team Building

Teams are often the building blocks of organizations; so organizational effectiveness depends upon team effectiveness. As part of executive development, culture change or even process improvement initiatives, we design and facilitate strength-based team building processes that bring out the best of people and teams.

Our Appreciative Inquiry processes support formal and informal teams, helping people clarify their purpose and goals, build and enhance relationships, and align their strengths. Success is accomplished by helping people realize their best contributions to the organization.

Our Appreciative Inquiry approach is built on trust, respectful relationships, and individual and collective empowerment.

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